Foods and Drinks You Should Eat Before Flying

Foods and Drinks You Should Eat Before Flying

There is one disorder called Jet Lag which is a result of long flying and requires a special diet. The manifestations are insomnia and fatigue for which that special diet helps. The food before, during and after the flight has an influence on our health, so for avoiding this disorder try this flight diet:

Water, fruit juice and tea

The dehydration of the body is one of the reasons for the appearance of Jet Flag. If we are dehydrated we get tired, nervous and weak. That is why it is important to keep the body well hydrated. For that, you can drink natural teas and fruit juices.

You should not drink a cup of coffee in order to be fully awake because the caffeine is promoting the dehydration and you should avoid it before and after the flight. The same applies to the carbonated and alcoholic drinks.

Fruits, vegetables and healthy fat food

These foods will make the Jet Lag easier so you should consume them before, while and after your trip. When you have an overnight flight you can consume food like almonds, nuts, peanut butter, combined with a cracker or maybe whole grain bread. You can also include cheese, yogurt and food that increase the energy level.

People who experience insomnia and fatigue try to fix this by consuming food rich in calories like snacks and sweets. However, this is wrong so try to avoid them because they are hard to digest.

To conclude, when it comes to traveling, it is best to eat light food including fruits and vegetables.

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Food and drink to eat before flight.

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