What Will Happen If You Eat One Apple Before Sleep

One apple includes 4gr fiber which is really important for our digestion. There is one true saying: one apple a day keeps the doctor away!

Read about one girl Ana (29) that practiced eating one apple before sleep for a period of 5 years, it changed her life.

Apple health benefits you should know

I had a problem with gaining weight, feeling bloated and indigestion as well, although as was training and moving constantly. Then I heard about how we should consume one apple every day, so I decided to try.

I ate one while watching TV each day, and now my problems are gone. My dinner was a little lighter and then I ate the apple around 10 o’clock.

In the morning my digestion was normal, which didn’t happen previously. If I skipped eating an apple for only one night, then I had a problem the next morning. I have tried the same with other fruits, but the apple showed as most effective.

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Lung benefits!

Despite better digestion, the apples are helpful for better lungs and breath shortness. By eating 5 apples in the week you will improve the functioning of the lung, due to the antioxidants that are included in the peel. Furthermore, people eating more than 1 apple a day are at lower risk of developing some types of cancer.

Other benefits!

The apples are also beneficial for the health of our heart and lower the risk for diabetes too. They are protecting the brain and our bones as well. That means they are good for our overall health.

Fill your basket with apples then, and enjoy! You will be healthier than ever.

Apple health benefits you should know. #apples #health

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