Why We Don’t Lose Weight While Dieting

Does this situation sound familiar? The question is why you are on a diet, you exercise, you are feeling hungry and exhausted, but the weight just won’t go down. Read the reasons why this can be happening:

1.If this is the case with you, then maybe that diet is not suitable for you. Every person is different, so maybe that diet does not fit with your body and blood type. You can consult with a nutritionist in order to give you a more appropriate plan for you.

2. You must have time for sleeping! This is very important, however, the sleeping should become a routine in a defined time. There is a reason why it is called a “beauty sleep”!

3. You can allow yourself some treats during the diet. That is not forbidden, however, be careful not to stop the diet or make a big break.

4. If your friend has bad eating habits, then don’t join them in that!

5. Too much stress is really bad. The cortisol is affecting the level of insulin so you will have an increased need for food. Take a break and relax a little.

6. It is not suggested to eat in unlimited amount even if the food is healthy. Consume smaller meals at shorter intervals.

7. It is proven that people who are sharing their success have better results because they prove to others that they are determined and have a good character.

8. The scientists have nearly confirmed that obesity is connected to genetics. However, you can change that if you like. It depends on you and your habits.

9. You don’t have to eat all the portion if you are not hungry anymore.

10. You are not a man. According to researchers, men can lose weight more quickly and easily than women do.

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