Ancient Beauty Treatments that Women Use Today

Women have always wanted to keep their beauty, so they have used a lot of different beauty treatments for hundreds of years. The best treatments are completely natural and you probably already have some of the ingredients you need in your kitchen.

Here are some ancient beauty treatments that you can still use:

Olive oil

It is also known as the golden oil, and with a good reason. It is very good for the skin and the hair.


Women in Old Rome spent hours in their baths changing hot and cold water, which stimulates circulation and is very good for tightening the skin.

Aromatherapy massage

It was favorite among women in the past and it is still favorite today. It is excellent for relaxation and better health of the skin.

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Women in the past used a hard cloth to remove the dead cells from their skin, and at the same time improve circulation. Today, we have peeling.

Hair removal with sugar paste

Women have used this method for hair removal for thousands of years. It is probably the best since it does not cause harm as many modern preparations.

Egg hair mask

Just stir the eggs and apply them on your hair. Leave them for a while and them wash your hair with warm water. You hair will be healthy and shiny.

Sour cream

Women started using sour cream as skin care cream, as well as hair conditioner, after theu accidentally discovered that it makes their hands softer.

Lemon juice

Women have used lemon juice for centuries in order to make their hair lighter. Just apply lemon juice and stay in the sun for a while. You may have even better highlights than those made at the hairdresser.

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