Immunity Issues and The Sterile Home Floor

Parents want to protect children from everything and they try to keep everything clean as much as they can. But did you know that a sterile and clean home can actually prevent the organism from facing the ordinary bacteria and microbes that are actually needed for a strong immune system?

This means that the immune system will not be strong enough to fight against different types of diseases and children will become sick more often.

Scientists and experts are constantly warning parents that dirt is important for the process of creating a strong immunity.

Today and in the past

Microbiologists say that today’s children are too clean which makes them weaker. Dirt and germs can actually improve their immune system and protect them from diseases.

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The results from the largest study about hygiene in the last 10 years have shown that children living in extremely clean areas have a bigger risk of immune system diseases, such as eczema. This happens because the immune system doesn’t know how to react to pests such as pollen and dust.

The results from a 2009 study have even shown that living with pets from an early age reduces the risk of allergies, as well as obesity.

People also have good bacteria in their bodies that protect them from certain health problems, such as the intestinal probiotic bacteria Bifidobacterium Animalis that improves the digestion and the immunity and fights against tumors as well.

So parents, be careful what you are doing. A clean and sterile house is not always good for your children.

Sterile home floor may cause some immunity issues in children. #immunity #bacteria #virus

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