Fruits and Vegetables with Unusual Values

Fruits and vegetables are rich in vitamins and minerals and are essential to our health. Here are a few fruits and vegetables that you should include in your diet, especially if you have managed to lose some weight and want to keep it that way.


Cabbage contains a lot of vitamin C, copper, potassium and essential fibers. Consume it cooked or braised with a little bit of oil in order to prevent constipation and keep the health of your digestive system, as well as keep your body shape.

It is especially recommended to consume sauerkraut because it contains lactic acid that restores the intestinal bacterial flora nad prevents bloating.

Cabbage contains healthy ingredients that help detoxification, remove the excess water from the body, strengthen the connective tissue and fight against cellulite.


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Carrots are known as one of the cheapest natural remedies. It contains a lot of vitamin B, D and E, as well as copper, potassium, phosphorus, sulfur, iron and iodine which stimulate the metabolism, regulate the digestion and have a slimming effect on the body as well.

Carrots are also very good for the vision. Just add 1 teaspoon of oil to your cooked carrots so their nutrients can be more easily absorbed. Consume carrots every day and your skin will become healthy and beautiful.

Dried fruits and nuts

Consume more dried fruits and nuts but in limited amounts, because only 100 g contain around 500 g calories. This is a lot, but it is still healthier than sweets.


Parsley contains vitamin C and E, as well as fatty acids that make it very efficient against kidney disease. Moreover, it has a diuretic effect and cleans the toxins from the body. It will also make your skin smoother and help your figure.

Believe it or not, parsley is also a natural aphrodisiac. You will lose 200-300 calories during making love.

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