Very Valuable Meatless Meals

The meat includes vitamin B and iron, however it is suggested to eat it in moderate amount. The calories it includes are not easy for digestion and also includes a lot of saturated fat and cholesterol which are not good for our body. That is why you should not consume meat every day!

Try these meals without meat, they are healthy and tasty!


The vegetables are nutritious and are low in calorie. They include a lot of vitamin C and B, beta-carotene, fiber and potassium.

-Prepare a meal with vegetables combined with eggs, rice and boiled barley.

-You can prepare peppers or tomatoes stuffed with mushrooms and rice or maybe also cheese and pasta with vegetables.

-You can make a dish using cauliflower, potatoes, carrots, broccoli and onions. You can pair the vegetables, use them fresh, or together with some sauce or baked in the oven.You can also include rice, beans or cheese in this dish.

-You can fry different vegetables and serve them with rice or potatoes.

-Use herbs while preparing the vegetables, including basil, oregano and tarragon, or maybe a hot spice if you like such as pepper.

Tips for preparing vegetables:

-It takes a long soaking time and a log cooking time for the vegetables

-It is suggested to cook them in an open container

-Use eggs or some milk products as a supplement for the protein contained in the beans and lentils.

-Use spices like savory, marjoram and cumin when making beans dishes

-You can cook it with melted butter, a soup or some sauces.


-It includes the same protein as the meat, as well as omega 3 amino acids, vitamin A,E and D and mineral salts.

-Contrary on the meat, if the fish has more fat it means that it is healthier.

-You can cook it, bake it or roast it.

-You can add it in your soups or salads as well.

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