Natural Remedy For Poor Circulation

The poor circulation is a common problem these days. The reason for this can be genetics however it is often caused from having a bad lifestyle, that is, bad habits, like for example too much alcohol, smoking cigarettes, bad nutrition, no physical activity and etc.

Among the other reasons are high blood pressure and diabetes.

The symptoms for poor circulation include:

-dry skin

-having cold feet and hands

-numbness of the extremities

-shortness of breath

-no energy

-poor concentration

-swelling feet

Nowadays, there are many products that you can buy in the stores and pharmacies for treating the poor circulation, however, they are too expensive and you don’t know if there are any side effect due to their content.

That is why it is best to try this natural remedy which is really efficient and without any side effects. It regenerates the blood vessels and prevents stroke, heart attack and thrombosis.

The things you will need are:

  • 1 L brandy
  • 100 gr Perforate St John’s-wort (Hipericum perforatum)
  • 50 gr English marigold (Calendula officinalis)
  • 100 gr Teucrium montanum
  • 100 gr of nettle

Preparation and usage:

First, you need to cut all the ingredients into small pieces and put them in one big bottle made of glass. Then add the brandy inside until all the ingredients are flooded. Close it and leave it like that for a period of 21 days. Then filtrate the liquid into another bottle.

You should consume 1-2 tablespoons in the morning and in the evening and there is no limitation in the duration of consummation. The results will come after 10-15 days.

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