Calcium for Fast Weight Loss

You may find it unbelievable that the calcium, which is beneficial for the bones, is actually helpful for losing weight. However, this is true.


According to the experiments which were a couple of weeks long, it was proved that people lose most kilos when they are on a diary kind of diet, or that is when the calcium is coming from the dairy products.

Those women that consumed very little calcium in the diet had more fat, bigger waist and also a high level of bad cholesterol in comparison to the ones that consume a large amount of ot.

The ones that have a lower intake of calcium will feel hunger often, which will make them eat more, while the bigger consummation of calcium is increasing the fat metabolism, controlling the weigh and preventing the gain of weight.

Where can you find the calcium?

The suggested dose of calcium in the day is 1000mg, while for the girls, pregnant women and those in menopause even higher. If you are overweighed, then the suggested dose is 1500mg in order to lose some weight and lower the appetite.

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Despite in the milk, you can find calcium in the vegetables and fruit, like for example broccoli, leafy greens, cauliflower, seafood, nuts and fish. Another food rich in calcium are cereals, cheeses,, yogurts and orange juices. It is best to use food rich in calcium that supplements because the food is more easily absorbed.

Vitamin D

The calcium and vitamin D work together because the vitamin is responsible for the absorption of calcium. This vitamin can be found in oily saltwater fish.

Take care of your diet!

For breakfast, you can have buttermilk or kefir together with some fruits as a shake in order to give energy to your body.

For lunch prepare stuffed roasted pepper with feta cheese, garlic and olive in order to have energy without troubling the stomach.

And for dinner have rice with yogurt and then some fresh fruits. You will not be gaining weight from this.

Before you got to sleep drink one cup of milk with honey in order to feel calm and easily fall to sleep.

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