Hyperpigmentation Removal Tips

The hyperpigmentation represents a skin disorder which is causing small dark spots on the face as a result of big amount of melanin, which is giving the dark pigment to the skin.

The spots on the face can also come from improper liber functioning, as traces from the acne or skin reactions on external factors. However, hey will all leave a mark that we want to remove.

There are some natural treatment for this, and we suggest to try the following ones:

-Raw potato

The raw potato is rich in nutrients like vitamin B which is causing renewal on the skin nicotinamide and it is known for its whitening effects. Many people use it also as a treatment for the dark circles around the eyes. It is suggested to use a raw potato for rubbing the face 3-4 times during the day for 10 minutes.

-Apple cider vinegar

Its ingredients are beneficial for cleaning and revitalizing the skin. You can use swabs to apply iy on the problematic areas 2 -3 times during the day.


It is excellent for whitening the skin and also includes strong anti-inflammatory properties. You can make yourself a mask of it and use it 1-2 times in the week.