The Cosmetic Use of Botox

The Botox is used for a long time by the doctors for removing the wrinkles around the eyes or other parts on the face. It is being prepared from the Clostridium botulinum bacteria and it is also known under the name of Xeomin.

The Botox is useful only if it is used in small dosages and in the right way. It can reduce the pain in the certain muscles however the primary use is for skin corrections.

The specialist is important!

It is important who will do this treatment to you because if it is done improperly it will be very harmful and also there can be some side effects. A numbness around the muscles of the eyelids can appear, as well as swelling and having breathing problems if the Botox expanses. Among the other side effect you may experience fatigue, dry mouth, headaches and eyesight problems. Sometimes some people are allergic to Botox but they are not aware of that, which can be a serious problem.

The controversy of the Botox!

It was around 40 years ago when the doctors examined the Botox and decided to use it. It started as a treatment in 1980 and it was first used for removing the lines on the forehead.

However, its use was growing and now it is the most popular cosmetic treatment all around the globe. Now it is even used for sweaty palms and armpits and also added between skin joints and elbows.

Moreover, the controversy is about its harmful effects. As we mentioned, there can be some side effects like for example facial paralysis, problems with breathing and blurred vision.

Then, the important question is who can do this treatment and where, so pay attention on this matter and do some research about the surgeon you have chosen for this kind of treatment.

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