Polycystic Ovaries Natural Treatment

The ovarian cysts represent liquid filed bags which are formed around the ovaries or within. Usually they are not harmful, however, they can cause pain and unpleasant feelings, so that is why it is important to treat them.

They are formed from the buildup of tissue which is making the ovary to swell. Sometimes they can disappear by themselves, however, the worst thing is if it cracks and damages the ovarian.

Natural treatments!

The medical treatments are not the only option for treating this, there are some natural solutions that can be very helpful.


The diet is very important. The food nowadays contains many synthetic and natural estrogens which have an impact on the functioning of the ovaries. For example, the soybean is known to be the most common source of estrogen that can cause ovaries cysts even in girls that do not have menstruation yet.

The consummation of meat from farmed animals can also be the reason for the appearance of these because of the antibiotics and hormones are given to them to speed their growth. That is why the organic meant is better, or even no meat at all. Also, storing food in plastic container or foil is not recommended because the food can absorb the xenoestrogens the plastics contain. The glass containers are much better.

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Traditional treatments!

These traditional treatments come from Chine and are different because they use diet modification, herbs and acupuncture for bringing the organism back unto his natural balance. However it is complex, so you need a qualified person for this.


The polycystic ovaries can result from problems with the thyroid gland, that is, deficiency of iodine, however, you can find it in many dietary supplements. So, if the insufficient active thyroid is the reason for this, you can intake some iodine.

The general health!

The modern medical treatments do not suit everyone. It is important to take care of your general health. Every person is different and requires different things. Pay attention to consume the right things and the important nutrients from the food.

source: healthywomenclub.com

Natural treatment of polycystic ovaries

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