Harmful Food Combinations You Should Avoid

All of us are aware that the fast food and sweets are not exactly healthy for our organism. However, it is really hard to resist them. So, if you are one of those people, then maybe you can try avoiding some combination of food that may harm your health. Read them below:

-Fruit with meal

First you need to eat the fruit and after that the meal. If you eat the meal first, and then fruit, when they will encounter the food in the gut, it will stay there are get fermented.

-Animal source protein and starch

Avoid this because both of them release different enzymes in the stomach which will be then fighting among each other causing you flatulence.

-Tomatoes and rise

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This is similar to the one above. This combination brings digestive problems and provokes flatulence.

Yogurt and fruit

The reason is the same, you’ll have digestive problems. The dairy products can be responsible for allergies, cold symptoms, and blocked sinuses and if you combine them with fruit the thing may get worse.

-Potatoes and burgers

The burgers and the fries include unhealthy fats and sugar as well, which are harmful for the body causing infections and fastening the process of aging. No one wants that, right?

-Milk with cereals

This is very common breakfast for many people. However, it is not a good combination because they both include rapidly digestible carbohydrates that are causing stress to the body, that are raising the blood sugar and after a while, you feel hungry again.

source: healthywomenclub.com

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