The Best Home Remedy for Acne

The acne or often called pimples represents an inflammation of our skin which is often happening because of some changes in the hair follicle structure and the sebaceous glands.

It is a very common disease for our skin when the glandulae sebaceae gets clogged with a fatty substance that these glands produce.

There are a few kinds of acne, while the most known are those occurring in adolescents called acne vulgaris when the changes in hormones cause increased glandulae sebaceae and production of sebum. Often, boys are more affected than girls.

The reasons for acne

The most common causes for the appearance of acne can be menstruation, genetics, puberty or hormonal changes in our body. However, it can be also caused by too much consumption of fatty foods, too much sweating or from bacteria.

Now it is time to show you the acne treatment you should try at your home. This natural treatment will help you remove acne from your face without wasting money on some expensive treatments.

The acne treatment, how to do it right

Despite the medical preparations, there are some home-made natural treatments that are very effective for treating acne.  Try the one below:

A mixture of honey and cinnamon!

Their effects are excellent when combined together. You need to mix 3 tablespoons honey and 1 tablespoon cinnamon powder.

After this, apply the mixture on the area affected with acne. Leave it during the night and then wash the face with water in the morning. Do this treatment once during the week, for a period of 3 weeks, and you will notice the amazing results.

It will cost you nothing and there are no side effects. Worth trying, isn’t it? We hope we helped you understand how to get rid of acne naturally at your home. Good luck.

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