Cervical Spondylosis? Here’s How You Can Help Yourself!

The cervical spondylosis represents an illness of the cervical part of the spine. Usually, this was more on a man’s disease, however, nowadays a lot more women are also affected, many of them after the period of pregnancy and after the birth.

The recognized symptoms include having a stiff neck and feeling pain in the neck that is spreading to the shoulders, as well as having headaches and feeling dizzy.

What is the cause?

Among the reasons for this disease are the following: loading the spine every day, sitting in an improper body position or sitting for a longer period while driving. All of these factors are changing the vertebrae, which then starts to make pressure on the spinal nerves so they result in getting out of the spinal cord.

How can you treat this?

The treatment for these diseases is focusing on easing the pain, lowering the risk of permanent damage and proving you a normal life.

Physical therapy

This represents stretching techniques of the neck and muscles on the shoulders. This therapy is making them stronger in order to ease the pain. The physiotherapist may also give you some exercises that include weight in order to relieve the pressure by making space between the vertebrae.

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This method is very beneficial for lowering the symptoms. For those questioning, it is absolutely safe. It is best to use it combined with a massage and moxibustion in order to provide the best results.


Your doctor may prescribe you some specific medication if the regular painkillers are not efficient. They may include myorelaxants such us cyclobenzaprine, for preventing the muscle spasms, some narcotics such as hydrocodone, for relieving the pain and some steroid injections, like prednisone, for lowering the tissue inflammation and the pain

Surgical operation

This is the last method used only for treating severe situations. It includes taking off some bone parts in order to provide more space for the spinal cord.

Exercises at home

This exercises that you can do at home are helpful for relieving the pain.

If you have the symptoms, however, that does not mean that you have the condition. You should always go to the doctors.

source: healthywomenclub.com

Cervical spondylosis treatment

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