The Real Truth About Chocolate

There are a lot of bad words about the chocolate- it is destroying our teeth, it is causing acne, it is raising the blood pressure and many other things that are not actually true. Below we will give you 7 myths about the chocolate and the real facts about them!

1.It contains caffeine.

-This is true, however, the amount of caffeine is not big. Around 90gr of chocolate or that is one table of milk chocolate includes around 6mg caffeine, which is equal to drinking 250ml of chocolate milk.

2.It includes saturated fats which are raising bad cholesterol.

-According to the researchers, the saturated fatty acid included is the stearic acid which is not raising our bad cholesterol.

3.It does not have nutritional value.

The chocolate includes copper, magnesium, zinc, and iron. It is also rich in polyphenols and antioxidants which are found in the red wine and tea and are lowering the risks for some diseases of the cardiovascular system. These ingredients have the same amount of 50g of chocolate and one glass of wine (150ml). You should know that the dark chocolate is more healthy because it includes flavonoids or vitamin P.

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4.It is responsible for creating cavities.

The cavities are formed when the bacteria in our mouth are breaking down the food which includes sugar and then the acid produced is destroying the tooth enamel. However, the chocolate includes calcium, proteins, and phosphates which are protecting the enamel. But you need to brush your teeth properly as well.

5.It can provoke a headache.

This was thought for a long time, however, it is not true. The food that triggers a headache includes cheese, alcohol, peanuts and meat products.

6.It may cause your acne.

According to the dermatologists, this is not true. The only thing that can result is maybe an oily skin and big level of sugar.

7.It causes fat.

Everything is healthy if it is moderate. Eating one table of milk (90gr) means eating 478kcal. So if you want to lose weight this is too much. However, you can consume one cube for example, which is equal to 19.9 kcal.


Truth about chocolate

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