How to Treat Vaginal Yeast Infections

It is known that the good bacteria called probiotics which are living in our body, together with the immunity as well are keeping the fungi normal. There is one fungus called Candida albicans which is normally present in our organism, but if it grows uncontrollably, then it results with candida or as we call it – yeast infection.

These kinds of infection include a feeling of pain, itching, burning and are also accompanied by a thick discharge.

How to treat yeast infection in a natural way:

-Dry and lose!

The yeast comfort zone is a warm and moist place with little oxygen. That is why you should dry your zone carefully after showering or swimming and also avoid to wear underwear that is too tight.

-The feminine products are not a solution!

These products will not protect you, nor keep you clean. If they are heavily scented they can cause irritation and disrupt the balance of the pH, which will lead to increased conditions for infection.

-Staying clean!

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Use a mild soap for washing and be sure to wash your clothes well with hot water. You can also change your towels more often in order not to pass the infection to others.

-Your partner!

This kind of infection can be sexually transmitted so be careful because you can pass and for the yeast infection with your partner.

-Boosted immunity!

The immune system will fight the infection, so you can use oregano oil and garlic because of their antiviral properties. It is recommended to consume 300-500mg of oregano, 3 times in the day and 500-1000mg garlic 2 times during the day.

-The probiotics are important!

They are restoring the balance of your body and vagina and are fighting against the fungi. You can find them in several foods, like for example the yogurt, so you can increase its consummation or you can take them as supplements.

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