Lose 10 Pounds in 3 Days with Potato Diet

The potato diet is highly recommended when you want to lose some weight in a short time. The plan is easy and simple – to consume only potatoes and low-fat yogurt for 3 days and stick to it.

The starch from the potato and the yogurt’s lactic acid will provide the body with the needed nutrients. Drinking a lot of water will help detox the body and kill the hunger.

Read the daily plan:

*Day 1.   

Breakfast:  1 boiled potato without salt and a glass of yogurt.

Lunch: 2 boiled potatoes without salt and a glass of yogurt.

Dinner:   2 glasses of yogurt.

*Day 2.                                                                                                                                            

Breakfast:  One glass of yogurt.

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Lunch:2 boiled potatoes without salt and a glass of yogurt.

Dinner:1 boiled potato without salt and a glass of yogurt.

*Day 3.                                                                                                                                                             

Breakfast:  1 boiled potato without salt

Lunch:1 boiled potato without salt and a glass of yogurt.

Dinner:  1 glass of yogurt.

Don’t forget to drink a lot of water!

For a successful diet consume only boiled potatoes without adding any salt. The boiled potatoes include just 75 calories in 100 grams and have plenty of vitamins and minerals.

They also provide fiber that improves the digestive process. The low-fat yogurt is beneficial for accelerating metabolism, detoxing the body and releasing the retained fluids.

source: healthylifeway.net

Lose weight fast with this potato diet



  2. Author

    Laura, you should drink low-fat yogurt.The potato type is not important. You can eat any type of potatoes.

  3. How much yogurt?

  4. Author

    It is described in the post how much yogurt for every meal.

  5. O will start this diet on Monday morning to see if it works. I now do white potota juice and red onions for nerve pain it works good.Will see thanks you Teresa.

  6. Author

    Charisma, it’s about 250ml of yogurt.

  7. Does this work?

  8. Author

    It works if you do it right Maria.

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