The Best Natural Treatment For Acne

Since the puberty, I have been dealing with acne and that lasted during high school and university too. I tried every single thing I can think of, starting from regular cleaners from the stores, to skin regimes, medical creams and medications, and many other things.

Then, after a few years, I heard Scarlet Johansson talking about her secret about skin care- the apple cider vinegar. Then I decided to make my own toner using apple cider vinegar and revealed the right cure! This changed my life!

My skin got softer, my scars disappeared, my pores went smaller and all of the pimples were gone. I got rid of every other skincare product I had. Now I have my natural and organic toner.

I also did some research and found out that our skin is a little acidic by nature, but when we use some harsh soaps or cleaners we disrupt that acidity, which is needed for protection from bacteria, germs, and pollution as well. So the apple cider vinegar cures the acne because it brings back the acidity to the skin, thus removing the dirt, oil and dead skin cells.

Below you can read the recipe if you are interested in making it:

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-The first thing to do is buy an organic, unpasteurized, unfiltered vinegar that has the “mother” inside, which represents the brownish strand floating inside.

-Then put a little in a glass container, for example, one tablespoon. The amount depends on how much toner you want to prepare.

– The next step is diluting the vinegar with distilled water. The amount of water depends whether your skin is sensitive or not. The suggested amount is a ratio of one part vinegar to two or three parts water. If this is too much for you, add more water.

-Apply it on your face using a cotton pad. Wait a little bit in order to dry, and after that, you can other creams or lotions if you like. Use it 2 times during the day.

Note that this toner is not effective for every skin and every kind of acne. However, if nothing else works, maybe this will be the right solution for you!


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