Can you Really Boost Your Immune System?

When we enter in a pharmacy, we see a lot of posters and adverts about products  for increasing our immunity. However, is this really true?

Our immune system is a complex structure composed of various components all with the purpose to protect the body from micro-organisms or germs which are causing the diseases. These micro-organisms include viruses, bacteria and fungi.

The good and the bad bacteria

Our body contains good and bad bacteria. For example, there are good ones in our digestive system that are essential for our life, but there are also many other that are harmful. That is why our body is constantly at war. The sneezing, itching, diarrhea – they are all immune responses.

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Overstimulation of the immune system

The immune system can itself be responsible for a lot of diseases like for example rheumatoid arthritis and allergic reactions. The first one represents an autoimmune disease where our immune system is attacking its own tissues usually in the hand and feet joints, while the allergy, usually in the form of asthma or eczema, represents wrongly identified substance as a dangerous invading pathogen. That is why leading a healthy lifestyle is important for normal functioning of the overall systems in our body.

So, is there a product that can protect us completely? The researchers say no! According to them our body requires different mineral and vitamins, doing exercises and having hygienic habits.

However there are also things that can harm the immunity thus becoming more prone to diseases like for example drinking and smoking heavily, having a lot of stress or very unhealthy diet, all of these are putting pressure on all of the systems in your body. The immune system is also influenced by the genetics, the medical history, and as well as the age, as we get older the immune system gets weaker.


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