HPV Natural Treatment

HPV Natural Treatment

This infection is very common nowadays. Almost 90% of the women between 19-25 years old come in touch with it, and around 30% end up having long-lasting treatment. The easiest way for transmitting the infection is by intimate relationship, however it can be also transmitted by contact with the skin and mucous membranes that are infected, for example from lingerie or towels.

According to recent findings, this virus can remain on the skin from the young age, because it was found in young girls that hadn’t had an intimate relationship at all. The risk is the highest for people who smoke, who change partners often or have a weaker immune system.

A lot of people infected with HPV are not even aware because there may not be any symptoms at all, they may appear a month or a year after the infection when the immune system will experience failure. The women are more prone to high-risk types, while the men for the low-risk ones.

The treatment

Our organism can overcome the virus, and the purpose of natural treatment is to boost the immunity in order to suppress the infection. The aromatherapy is recommended. For treating the HVP you also need to get rid of the stress and improve your immune system.


The essential oils are beneficial for a lot of health problems. They include ingredients which are very helpful for treating viruses and also urogenital infections. You can prepare a mixture from the following ingredients:

-chanterelles root oil -10 ml

-tamanu oil – 25 ml

-marshmallow root oil – 10ml

-raven essential oil – 50 drops

-essential  eucalyptus oil– 50 drops

-lavender essential oil – 10 drops

-essential tea oil – 30 drops

-sage essential oil – 5 drops

Apply this mixture twice every day. It is suitable for women and men. Use it at least 30 days and maximum to 50 days. Do not use it during the menstruation.

Recommended food

The diet is also important! You need to increase the intake of vitamins A, B and C and include more ginger, garlic, whole grain food, fruits and green leafy vegetables.

Other recommendations:

-Amritkalash–ancient Ayurvedic herbal preparation for increasing the immune system.

-Echinacea purpurea – it comes from North American Indians for treating the immunity as well.

-Oleocaps – essential oils aimed for oral usage for treating many organs and diseases.

-100% apple juice with no sugar at all, cleans the body of toxins and includes a lot of vitamin C and antioxidant properties.

To maintain your good health and prevent gaining unnecessary fat deposits, you have to take care of your nutrition. You can find more than 350 healthy recipes in this book Trim Healthy Mama Cookbook.

source: healthywomenclub.com

HPV best natural treatment


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