10 Tips for Long Eyelashes

Every woman wants to have long, curved and thick eyelashes. Many even wear fake ones. Read these tips below:

1. The castor oil is helpful for stimulating the growth and thickening of the eyelashes. However, be careful because it may cause you blurred vision. Apply it using a clean brush (from an ink eyelid you no longer use) on the upper lash line and on the bottom.

2. Another helpful method is applying cosmetic Vaseline on the upper eyelid before going to sleep. Do not apply it on the whole eyelid, it will cause you puffy eyes.

3. Rub one capsule of vitamin E on the contour, focusing on your lashes.

4. Massage your lash line, after you clean your face, in order to stimulate their growth.

5. Brush the lashes every morning before applying the mascara in order to stimulate growth.

6. Never go to bed with your mascara on. It is essential to clean it because it harms the lashes and may cause you an eye irritation.

7. Use a serum based on the active substance-bimatoprost for strengthening the health of your lashes, making them thicker and stronger.

8. The intake of food is also important. Consume more fruits and vegetables, and nuts and seeds.

9. Take a supplement of biotin, which is a form of vitamin B, beneficial for our hair, skin, and nails.

10. Avoid using lash extensions. They fall along with the natural ones because they are attached to the, making the process of regeneration slower. You can use them only occasionally.

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