Early Symptoms of Ovarian Cancer

All of us are probably terrified of the word – cancer. It is our worst enemy. There are different kinds of cancer, however, the ovarian cancer is especially dangerous for women.

It does not show a lot of symptoms, making it hard to identify. It can be experienced at a different age, maybe in the 30s or 40s or after the menopause.

However, if it is discovered in the early stage, you have a chance to beat it. Symptoms of ovarian cancer are often confused with the symptoms of other diseases, so that is why it is essential to recognize them on time, because if it gets to stage 3 then it is really difficult to cure it.


Read the early symptoms of ovarian cancer below:

-Pain in the pelvic area and lower abdominal

The menstruation cramps are common, however not for more than 3 days. Having pain in the lower abdominal and pelvic area is one of the symptoms of this kind of cancer.

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Urinating more often

If you drink the same amount of water but urinate more often, then you should go to the doctors.


This can result from too much water intake, improper nutrition or problems with the bowl. However, if it lasts more than 3 weeks, go to your doctor.

-Lower appetite

If the decreased appetite lasts for a longer period it may be a sigh for having problems with the bowel or ovarian cancer. Consult with your doctor.

Cancer is a very dangerous disease and prevention is the best option for everyone. Visit your doctor if you notice something that is similar to these symptoms, your doctor will know if you need to do further tests.

source: betterme.tips

Symptoms of ovarian cancer

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