Vitamins and Minerals That Women In Their 30s Should Take

A lot of people take vitamin supplements because they are not getting enough only from the food intake. Especially the women in their 30s are trying to prevent the aging and preserve their health, so the intake of vitamins and minerals is very beneficial.

Vitamin A and C

These vitamins are very important for our body. For example, you should have an intake of minimum 15miligrams of vitamin A because it includes anti-aging properties and it is strengthening our immune system. Regarding vitamin C, the intake should be 75miligrams which is helpful for fighting against diseases.

Vitamin B9

During the pregnancy, the need for this vitamin is increased. After they are 19 years old, the women should take 400micrograms of vitamin B9 each day, while if they are pregnant the quantity is 600micrograms.

Calcium and vitamin D

The calcium is beneficial for the bones and the prevention of their diseases. The dosage for the women under 50 years of age is 1000miligrams of calcium every day, while for the pregnant and nursing ones 1200 to 1500miligrams. The calcium is combined with vitamin D for better absorption.

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If there is not enough iron in the body women may fell fatigue, they may be more prone to infections and the body may not maintain its normal temperature. The recommended dosage is 18miligrams each day, while for the pregnant ladies 27miligrams. Combine it with vitamin A and C for better absorption.


The symptoms of lack of magnesium are tiredness and muscle cramps. This can result from drinking alcohol or coffee excessively, as well as from too much sugar intake. The intake of magnesium should be 3450miligrams each day, while for the pregnant women 100miligram.

The intake of supplements:

The vitamins A,B,C,D and E should be taken in the morning, usually after breakfast. It is preferable to take iron with some fruit juice usually a few hours after a meal. However, the calcium and magnesium are suggested to be taken with the dinner.


Vitamins and minerals for women

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