Makeup Tips For Oval Face

Nowadays, make-up plays a big role in the overall good look of women, which makes it very important to apply it properly. Different type of face needs a different type of make-up. If you have an oval face, then half of the job is already naturally done for you. You won’t need much contouring. You just need to pay attention to the type and tone of your skin. And we are here to help you with the rest.

Here are the best makeup tips for oval face:

1.Use normal foundation similar to your skin tone

Some makeup tutorials or tips say that if you have an oval face you should change the color of your foundation. There is no need to do that.  Just choose a foundation which is closest to the tone of your skin. And according to Jessica Loren (New York makeup artist) if you want your face to look thinner and shorter, just apply one shade darker foundation along your jawline.

2.Focus on one feature

This means that you should not apply makeup to your eyes and lips at the same time. Choose only one. For example, if you apply a flashy lipstick, do not apply strong makeup on your eyes. You should do this because usually oval faces are very proportional. This is, in fact, a tip that women usually forget.

3.Use bronzer for contouring

Although oval faces don’t need contouring, it does not mean that you should completely avoid it. Use bronzer for contouring around your cheeks and you are going to notice the difference.

4.Enhance your eyes

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If you want to concentrate on your eyes, play with the colors and use red, pink, purple and green. But do not forget makeup tip number 2. If you apply stronger makeup on your eyes, tone down your lips. Otherwise, you will end up looking all shiny and colorful like a Christmas tree.

5.Keep the natural arch of your brows

Brows are very important which is why you should do your best to make them look natural. Make them arched in order to make your face look hotter but be very careful because you do not want to look funny.

6.Plump up the cheeks

The widest parts of the oval face are the cheekbones. That makes them crucial for your good look and means that you should apply a little bit of blush on them. The pink blush will provide a rosy glow and increase your charm.

7.Lipstick or lip gloss

You can use lipstick or lip gloss to tone down your lips if you decided to concentrate on your eyes. Or you can use strong or dark colors to make your lips more colorful or shiny. If this is the case, don’t forget to use simple makeup for your eyes.

8.Highlight your best feature

Highlighters are incredible things. Use them on your chin and in the center of the forehead to additionally bring out these areas of your face, which are already not hidden. Also, add a bit of highlighter on the temples and blend it downward underneath the eyes. If you want your cheeks to look chubbier, use a darker bronzer in the hollow space under the cheekbones and a lighter bronzer on the apples of the cheeks in order to balance your look.

The most important thing that you should pay attention to while doing your oval face makeup is the relation between the width of your jawline, cheekbones and forehead. Take a look at the famous Academy Award winner Reese Witherspoon as the perfect example for an oval face with the perfect makeup.


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