Estimate Are You Really Overweight! Test Of 30 Seconds!

Nowadays, one of the biggest health problems is overweight. More and more people have problems keeping a healthy weight. And when we say healthy weight, we usually refer to BMI or the Body Mass Index.

According to recent research, the problems connected to obesity, such as diabetes or heart disease, can go below the normal body mass index.

That is why the best way to calculate the healthy weight is to calculate the relationship between your waist and height.

You will only need 30 seconds and a rope, a trim meter or welder.

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Here’s what you need to do:

  • First, cut a piece of rope as long as your height.
  • Second, fold the rope in half and wrap it around your waist.

If you did that and you still have excess rope it’s great. But if you can’t wrap your waist with the rope, it means that it’s time for a diet!

If you are overweight, then you may try some good weight loss diet plan along with a decent exercise plan to speed up the weight loss process.


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