Home Test To Check Your Health Only By Using A Teaspoon

This is one really easy and interesting test that will help you to know the condition of your health without going to the doctor’s office.

It is essential to always check your health and now you can do it from your home, without spending any money. Our tongue can tell us a lot about the health condition, so that is why you must try this test:

-All you need to do is take one spoon and then scrape it on your tongue until it is all wet in saliva. Then take one transparent plastic bag and put the spoon inside.

Then put it under a light like a desk lamp or the sun. Wait a little bit, for around a minute and then check what is going on with the spoon.

If the spoon is clear then you are in a healthy condition.

However, if there is an odor that may mean the following:

-if the odor is strong and putrefactive – problems with your stomach or lungs

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-if the odor is sweet – possible diabetes

-if it is ammonia smell – kidney problems

Furthermore, if there is color on the spoon, then that means:

-white or yellow with a thick coating – problems with the thyroid

-purple colour- high cholesterol, poor blood circulation, bronchitis

-white- problems with the respiratory system

-orange – kidney issues

If this test shows worrying results, then consult with your doctor right away.

source: livetheorganicdream.com 

Simple and quick test to check your health.

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