Natural Remedy for Kidney Stones

The stones in our kidney are formed from several reasons, like metabolic defects, eating too much spicy food, food that produces acid as well as food rich in vitamin D. The seriousness of this health problem depends from how big are the stones. Their size can vary from sand particles to gravel stone.

It usually takes some time for their formation from components like calcium, uric acid and phosphate. Among the most common two types are the calcium oxalate or phosphate type. The common symptoms of this condition include feeling pain in the back, thighs and groin.

People can also fell pain while urinating and some even experience vomiting and fever. The most serious cases are when the stones are bigger because they can cause damage to the internal lining leading to blood in the urine.

That is why you can use this home remedies for better treatment:

-You can prepare yourself a mixture to drink. Boil 60gr of kidney beans or Rajmah in 4l of water for a period of 6h. This drink can be used only for one day.

-For eliminating the stones from the urinary tract consume 1 teaspoon of basil juice together with honey for a longer period, for example, 6 months.

-The consummation of celery helps to prevent the reoccurrence of the stones.

-Consuming fresh fruit is important, like grapes and apples because they include potassium and water which are helpful for treating the stones.

-Another fruit full of water and potassium is the watermelon.

-Prepare a mixture for dissolving the stones: use one teaspoon of pomegranate paste with a cup of horse gram soup.

– The vitamin B6 is also helpful for curing kidney stones. Consume 100-150mg.

-Boil 2 figs in a cup of water as a helpful remedy for treating stones.

-The radish leaves juice is also very helpful.

– Having an active life and drinking 3 liters of water every day is important.

-Another effective solution: 2 ounces of lemon juice and 2 ounces of olive oil. Consume them with a glass of water.

-Boil 2 onions in a glass of water and then consume the juice for a period of 3 days.

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