Natural Remedies For Ear Infection

The adults and the kids as well are often prey for the bacterial and viral infections, especially during the winter period. There are different types of ear infection, regarding the place where it occurs.

If they are happening in the inner ear then you will need medical help because they can be really dangerous.

Natural remedies for treating the ear infection:

The first thing a lot of people do is take antibiotics for any kind of pain they feel, including the ear infection. However, as time passes the bacteria becomes resistant to them, so a bigger dosage will be needed. That is why we have some natural remedies that you can prepare from your home right away and treat your ear infection in a natural way.


Among the best natural remedies is the garlic due to its antimicrobial and pain-relieving properties. You can consume it in several ways:

-You should consume garlic every day, at least 2-3 cloves.

-You can boil 3-4 garlic cloves for around 5 – 7 minutes. After that, you need to crush the cloves and put some salt on them. At the end put this in a clean cloth and apply it on the place of the infection.

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-You can cook 2 garlic cloves in 1-2 teaspoons of sesame oil, up until it starts to go black. You will get garlic oil. When it is still a little warm, drop 2 or 3 drops inside your ear.

Tea tree oil

It is beneficial for treating the ear infection due to its antibacterial properties. You can prepare yourself one mixture, using several drops of tea tree oil and one teaspoon of olive oil. All you have to do is warm it a little bit and then, you can use a dropper, and fill your ear with it. Keep it inside like that for around one minute and then lay on the other side in order to drain it out.


According to the Indian herbalists, the “holy basil” includes a lot of healing characteristics which are beneficial for easing the pain and treating the ear infections.

You will need 4-5 leaves of basil. You need to crush them in order to get the juice. Then apply it directly around the infected ear, but be careful not to let the juice inside the ear canal.

You can also prepare an oil from the basil. Crush some leaves and mix them with some carrier oil, for example, coconut oil. Then warm this just a little bit. Take one cotton ball, soak it and wipe the area outside and inside the ear 2 times in the day.


The onion is also useful when having an ear infection. You need to chop an onion and then put it in the microwave for several minutes. It will release a liquid, so put a couple of drops from that liquid in the ear that is infected.


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