Whole World has Gone Crazy for This Healthy Diet

This diet will help you lose weight and transform your body, in a healthy way. It has become very popular and people are posting pictures on the net showing the amazing results.

Read about the WHOLE 30

The name of the diet is WHOLE 30 and it is not like any other diet. You only eat healthy and natural food for a period of 30 days. During this time, you can not consume any sugar, flour, or fried foods. If you manage to stick to it, you will have an incredible result. You lose weight, but in a way that you will increase your muscle mass and reduce your cellulite and fat.

It is also beneficial for your skin, it will get smoother and the problems like acne or eczema will be gone as well. Your overall health will be improved during these 30 days. Your blood test results will be better, your immunity will be stronger, your metabolism faster and also you will be able to regulate the possible digestive problems. You will notice many positive changes.

You will feel more energized and have a weaker pain like for an example migraine, menstrual pain, pain in the neck and back etc. This diet is not hard, all you have to do is be persistent and don’t give up. So let’s start!

Food allowed:

Every meal can be tasty, you just have to know the right combinations.


Every kind of vegetable is allowed. You can eat them fresh, or you can also steam or boil them. You can combine the vegetables with every meal, and most importantly, the quantity is not even limited! Prepare yourself a healthy salad using olive oil and lemon and enjoy!


You can also eat every kind of fruit, but there is a limitation, you only get to eat one serving per day, and it has to be in the morning. You can also include a handful of nuts, almonds, hazelnuts and others, but it important not to fry them, you need to consume them raw or maybe roasted.

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The rule is to eat meat only once a day. It is preferable to consume white chicken meat or maybe turkey. You can consume them roasted (on the grill or a frying pan) or boiled. You can also include some eggs in the meal. However, if you are eating them whole, do not eat more than two eggs a day, and if you are consuming only the egg whites, there is no limitation on the quantity.


It is allowed to consume all kinds of fish, however among the best are salmon and tuna. The limitation is 2 times during the day. The seafood is also allowed but no more than once during the week!


It is allowed to use only 2 tablespoons of olive oil each day. Also, if you are consuming butter, use it only without milk fat. Pay attention that the dairy products and milk can have a negative effect on the results, due to the proteins they have.

Food NOT allowed:

It is important to leave the junk food out. You won’t miss it, believe us. So, stop being lazy, and prepare yourself a healthy meal. Leave the sugar and dairy products out as well.

-Dairy products

Everything that contains milk is not allowed, that means you are forbidden to consume cow, goat, sheep or soy milk. No cheese and no yogurt as well.


This is absolutely forbidden, so forget about the sugar and the natural sweeteners as well, including honey, stevia, cocoa sugar and many other. Read the labels on everything you buy carefully!


It is also forbidden to eat food containing starch, peanuts, peas, beans, oats, wheat, corn, bran.. Avoid soy products as well.

source: healthywomenclub.com  

Diet for fast weight loss.

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