Early Signs of Autism Every Mother Should Know

Unfortunately, the condition of autism is growing really fast among the children. That is why it is essential to discover it on time and provide the best possible development for your child.

Below you can read the early signs of autism in young children including infants, so moms and dads, pay attention!

The first 6 months

At the age of 6 months, the babies can usually do some basic social interactions with the closest people to them. So, the main sign of autism at this age is the absence of those basic interactions.

For example, if your baby is not smiling at you, or you can’t notice any other expressions of enjoyment then this may mean that your baby is having some troubles. Also, according to other researches, the risk for autism is higher if the little babies seem not interested in the faces of other people.

The first 9 months

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As we said earlier, it is essential for your child to have those early signs of social interactions. Despite the baby’s smiling as a response, there are many other things important to notice. At this age, the babies are also making noises, as a response to your facial expressions of other things as well. It is important to notice that your baby is starting to develop his/her social behavior.

The first 12 months

Before the age of 1 year old, the babies have some certain achievements that they should have reached regarding their development. Like for example, when you call their name, they should respond even if it is only a little glance toward you.

Furthermore, they also should start talking in some way, that is baby talk, no matter if we don’t understand and they are not real words, this is a good sign.

Another important thing to notice is the way your baby is playing. According to the Autism Society, it is appropriate for the child by the age f 1 to make gestures like talking on the phone or drinking from a glass, this is referred to as a purposeful play.

So, moms and dads, try to notice the presence and absence of some of these signs as your child starts to grow. It may be the key to his/hers developmental behavior.

source: www.healthyway.com

Early signs of autism.

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