Lazy Girl Hacks For Fast Weight Loss

You don’t have to do all of these things, however only small adjustments in order to lose your weight gradually. If you are not determined to exercise and be on a diet, read this tips and for 2-3 months you can lose for 20-30 pounds.

Don’t drink calories!

Avoid drinking sodas and juices that include calories and sugar. You should only drink water. You are allowed to put some fruits inside for flavor if you like.

No fast food!

The processed food contains a lot of calories which are the main reason for obesity. That is why, instead of having fast food for lunch, pack your food from home.

Tortillas, lean meat, and vegetables!

You should always have these by your hand. Prepare some meat for several days and keep it in your fridge. Then put it in tortillas low on a carb and the vegetables and your meal is ready. Fast and easy!

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 Small plates and bowls!

It is important to control the portion you consume. Trick your mind and take smaller plates, so that it thinks you are eating more. Try eating slower too because the brain needs time to realize it is full.

Prepare your meals ahead!

You can prepare your meals one day ahead or even few instead of making it daily. It will save you time and you will always have something healthy to grab on the way. You can keep it in a glass container and it will last up to four days.

Limit the time spend sitting!

We spend time sitting while we drive a car, watch TV, play on the computer, eat and many other things. So we can limit this time and for example, during commercial do some sit-ups or squats. This will help a lot.

So, girls, I think it’s time for the weight loss process.


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