Cancer Symptoms You Should Never Ignore

It is complicated to know the signs of this awful disease because it represents a group of diseases which are able to cause any sign. The signs usually depend on that where the cancer is located, how big it is and how much it affects the tissues.

If cancer has metastasized then the symptoms may occur to various parts of our body.

Among the symptoms may be having fever, fatigue and losing weight. This may be happening because cancer will be wasting the supply of energy of the body or it may release substances that will change the way of the body of making energy.

Cancer also affects our immune system making it produce these symptoms. However there can be other reasons for these general symptoms, so it is best to go to the doctors for a checkup in order to be sure of the cause.

Unfortunately, according to the researches, a lot of people are ignoring and underestimating the symptoms and are not considering cancer as a possible cause for such general symptoms.

The researchers confirm that in this way we miss the chance for early diagnose of cancer, so that is why we should not underestimate any symptom especially if it is happening for a longer period.

Go to the doctor if you notice the following:

-Unexplained weight loses: If you are losing weight without trying that can be a symptom of cancer, especially for lung, pancreas, stomach or esophagus cancer.

-Fever: If the cancer is attacking the immune system, it makes the fighting harder to our body so that results with fever. This is also an early symptom of leukemia or lymphoma.

-Fatigue: Feeling extreme tiredness for a longer period may mean leukemia, or maybe colon or stomach cancer.

-Pain: You can feel pain from bone or testicular cancer. The headaches may result from a brain tumor, while the back pain may be from the ovary or colon cancer.

-Skin changes: The changes in your mole, wart or freckle in size, color or shape may indicate skin cancer. Other symptoms may include darker or yellowish skin, itching or excessive growth of hair.

-Changes in bowel/bladder habits: The colon or rectal cancer may cause longer constipation, change in the size of stool or diarrhea, while the bladder or prostate cancer may provoke painful urinating, blood in the urine and increased or decreased the need for urinating.

-Sores that are not healing: The skin cancer may look like sores that are not healing and are bleeding. If they are in the mouth it may mean oral cancer, especially for people who smoke and drink alcohol.

-White spots in the mouth: These may mean leukoplakia which represents a pre-cancerous area usually provoked from smoking and may become mouth cancer if it is not treated properly.

-Unusual bleeding: Coughing blood may mean lung cancer, blood in the stool – colon cancer, abnormal vaginal bleeding – cervical or endometrial cancer, blood in the urine – bladder or kidney cancer, blood from the nipple – breast cancer.

-Lump: A lot of cancers may be felt through the skin like the breast, lymph glands or testicle.

-Indigestion or difficulty swallowing: a sign of stomach, throat or esophagus cancer.

-A nagging cough or hoarseness: a symptom of lung cancer or cancer on the larynx or thyroid.

Remember that if you have these or some of these signs that does not mean that you have or will have cancer. However, if you notice some chances it is suggested to consult with your doctor as soon as possible, especially if the symptoms last for a longer period. The doctor will discover the cases and treat them accordingly.

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