Why You Don’t Lose Weight Despite Exercising and Dieting?

At times, individuals do a lot of exercises and abstain from food but don’t get in shape. So, the question is why is this like that? The appropriate answer is basic –it is what they want to be and it is happening subconsciously.

Below you can read the 4 psychological obstacles which can affect the weight losing:

Overweight is useful

Indeed, it is less demanding for some to remain overweight since they can connect it as a reason for these issues:

  • Not able to find a suitable partner
  • Not able to find the job they want
  • A long way from accomplishing their life objectives

So, this means that instead of finding the problem inside of you, you rather blame the obesity and flawed appearance, which results in not losing pounds, despite the fact that you are attempting.

The best reason for being lazy

We often delay a few things for tomorrow, the day after tomorrow, one month from now. However, individuals who are overweight know how to delay a few things for the following life … when they are thin.

So they have the best excuses: “I can’t move, I’m fat,” “When I get more fit, I will exercise every day, I cannot do that now,” and numerous other comparable reasons.

However, up until now, we have seen numerous cases that have demonstrated us that weight isn’t an obstacle to anything if we really want to do something.

Incredible way to getting attention  

Who does not need in some cases to whine and get attention? All things considered, individuals who are overweight do that often for people to feel sorry for them since they have been rejected for appearance.

So, that is why they whine each day about how troublesome it is for them to hold diets and do very hard exercises. In any case, this is not accomplishing any outcome.

Not taking care of the issues with “self-confidence”

Another mental obstruction for weight reduction is the self-confidence. If someone is always bragging about how his/her hips or ass are big and he/she loves that, as a pardon for the obesity, then that person will stay in the same condition.

The same is valid for hereditary related contemplations – “My mom was fat, and now I am” This is your decision completely.

However, researchers confirm that hereditary qualities are present and that they are setting the inclinations. So, you can try to stay away from them, if you settle your thoughts and do your best, or follow them having a false perception of self-confidence.

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