Heart Attacks Have Different Symptoms In Women, Pay Attention To These Early Signs!!!

Numerous individuals tend to give themselves a diagnosis for the manifestations they may feel, for example, little fever, rib torment, vomiting or nausea.

However, this is certainly wrong since you may be dangerous for your wellbeing and life, as was for Sue Palmer who nearly had a heart attack.

Read his story and you will never again attempt to treat yourself alone.

Sue Palmer has 46 years old and lives in America. One day she woke up during the night feeling sick without knowing why.

Out of the blue she additionally encountered with nausea and started to vomit. Initially, she believed that this is happening because of some kind of food poisoning and decided to go to bed until she feels better.

Then again, her husband made her go to the doctor in order to check these strange symptoms. Fortunately, this action is what saved her life.

When she got to the hospital and the doctors saw her and made some checks, everything appeared to be right. However, after a couple of checks and tests, they concluded that she ought to go to an operation because she was experiencing a blocked coronary artery. This implies that if she chose to go back to bed she would have passed away.

Read the 5 symptoms that demonstrate you that the heart attack is coming:

Nausea and Vomiting

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These are the most widely recognized stomach-related symptoms that require your consideration particularly if you are having an adjusted eating routine. Additionally, if you experience these signs together with cold sweat or stomach pain then you should go to the doctor immediately since it may mean that the heart attack is approaching.

Strange Fatigue

If there is a blood clot that is blocking the flow of blood to our heart, that may cause damage to our heart because the oxygen and the blood are not being transferred. This results with having strange fatigue which is a sigh for a heart attack. In such circumstance, you have to look for prompt medical help.

Shortness Of Breath

The lungs require the oxygen the most. If the blood flow gets reduced then the transfer of oxygen goes out of balance and our lungs are not capable to give us the normal breathing. Consult with your specialist once this happens.

A lot of Sweating

Too much sweating can be also a consequence of some heart issue. If you are experiencing this, then go for a checkup to find if everything is ok.

Pale Skin

The weakened circulation of blood which results from the imbalanced supply of the blood vessels is also an indicator of the possibility of a heart issue. Your skin may look pale because you will not have the proper amount of oxygenated blood. Visit your doctor.

Source: waytosteelhealthy.com

Heart attacks in women early signs.

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