How To Get Rid of Hemorrhoids With No surgery!

Why don’t you try some natural hemorrhoid treatment?  It is really efficient, you will see. Below you can read 8 of them that have the best results!

Hemorrhoids are really common, with their percentage going around 75%. Unfortunately, we do not know the exact reason for their appearance; however, there are certain things that have an impact on them to occur.

Usually, they are related with having chronic constipation, however the specialist confirms that there are other things as well that cause the presence of hemorrhoids, for example, fiber eating, sedentary, overweight, standing or sitting for a lot of time, liver illness etc.

Their definition is widened veins of the rectum. They might be external or internal. We can see the external ones around the anus, and they are really painful, while the internal hemorrhoids are more difficult to discover because we cannot see nor feel them.

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The only symptom for them may be having a blood seat. However, if we notice bleeding or anal pain we should act right away because their presence may be dangerous meaning colorectal cancer.

You can try some natural treatments, such as some of the following:

  1. Pelin includes calming properties and astringent characteristics. It is also recommended, despite this, to use oak bark tea since it has a recuperating impact. You need to mix two teaspoons of each plant in 2-3l. hot water. The sitting room should take around 20 minutes and ought to be done each three days for a period of a month.
  2. Aloe Vera is treating the swelling and bleeding hemorrhoids. Cut the leaves of Aloe Vera down the middle, warm a little and apply to the influenced region. You can freeze the leaves and apply them to the influenced region.
  3. Tea tapeworm, dill, chamomile, knotweed and huge chime can be consumed 3 times each day. You will need a spoon of each plant, mix them well, and add a spoonful of this blend in a cup of water and leave it to sit around 20 minutes. Strain it and consume it before your meal.
  4. Clay-based cataplasms should be applied daily. They are prepared from a spoonful of clay mixed with lukewarm water until you get a paste which you will apply to the affected zone and let it stay for a period of 2 hours.
  5. Cabbage -You need to squash a cabbage leaf and apply it to the influenced zone. Leave it for a couple of minutes and do that again each day for a period of 2 months.
  6. Sitting baths are usually better for the external hemorrhoids; however they are also beneficial for the internal ones. The include wolf’s apple, blueberry, angelica, burdock, basil, chestnut, mallow, chick, ash, oak, quince, chamomile, lamb, dandelion, and numerous others.
  7. Onion – Take one onion and blend it together with honey. You will get a paste that you need to apply on the area.
  8. Garlic – make a paste from one part garlic juice and five parts water and apply it to the area.


Here is how to get rid of hemorrhoids naturally.

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