Reasons Why You Should Pee In Your Shower Every Day

Many people consider the urine as “dirty”. However, according to some experts, our urine is actually sterile and not toxic, and in fact beneficial for our health. The urine consists of amino acids, glucose and electrolytes, which are not harmful.

Below you can read how you can use your pee, so maybe it is time to start peeing in the shower.

Peeing in the shower

This is not harmful at all, it will only save you water. People that are peeing in the shower save over 15 l. water each that is used for flushing the toilet. So think about how much water gets wasted during one year.

So, in the long run, this is expensive, and also it is not good for the environment. There are some ecological low-flow toilets that are not making a dent on the water usage.  So, maybe it is good to pee and wash in the same time, plus you will save on toilet paper as well!

Disinfect wounds

According to the experts, the urine is beneficial for disinfecting wounds. If you have scrapes or bumps you can use fresh urine in order to clean them. Additionally, it is also soothing the tissue and alleviating the pain. You can also use the urine from someone else than yourself, however, if that person does not have any infections.

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Skin care

The urine is also effective against some skin troubles such as eczema and psoriasis. The urea is actually used in many creams and ointments for skin care. This compound is most concentrated mid-stream in the first-morning pee, for around 5 seconds in.

The usage is simple. You just have to rub the urine on your skin and maybe use compresses because it is advised to leave it a couple of hours before you clean the skin. We have to mention you that this is usually odorless. Furthermore, the urea is soothing the dry skin.


The urine is also beneficial for treating the fungal infections like for example on our feet. The usage is simple. Rub the urine on the infected area and by using compress leave it like that during the night. You will see the results after several weeks.

Important: You should be careful with this because something the fungi are serious and you need to go to your doctor in order to tell you more about what you should do.

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Reasons why you should pee in your shower.

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