Signs Indicating That Your Partner No Longer Loves You

Everyday details can show a lot about your relationship with your partner, including whether the love you feel for each other is still the same.

In this article, we are going to show you 10 important signs that you should definitely not ignore because your relationship may be determined upon them.

Read them below:

1.No longer shows you love

If your partner is not showing interest in you anymore and you notice that he tries to impress another person, then it is time to move on and focus just on yourself.

2.Thinking on something else

If your partner is not interested in what you think and is always on another place with his/her thoughts then the sign is clear.

3.No topics for conversation

If you don’t have a subject to talk about and your partner is not interested for how your life is going then he is not interested in you and it is time to move ahead.

4.You get blamed for everything

If your partner starts to blame you for everything even without any reason, then it is time to leave.

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5.Lack of support

If your partner considers everything you do not good enough, or if he mistreats you or feel annoyed from you, then you definitely deserve better.

6.Giving excuses for not being home

If he has an excuse for everything, like not being home all the time, going on business trips, drinks with friends, playing games, and you are never apart from that, then the bad news is that he is cheating on you.

7.Not included in your partner’s plans

If you are not in the future plans of your partner then the thing you should do is leave and move on.

8.Your partner disrespects you

If all he/she does is disrespects you and only remembers the bad and not the good moments, then trying to fix that is not going to work. End it right away.

9.Not trying to provide explanations

In this case, your partner does not explain to you anything because he/she does not consider you as a part of his/her life. You do not matter to him/her.

10.Making you feel bad about yourself

If your partner lies to you and he/she is hurting you, you begin to hate yourself. This is the time when you should focus on yourself and leave. You deserve better.


Signs that your partner no longer loves you.

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