Lose Weight Fast With This Weight Loss Breakfast Recipes

It is said for a reason that breakfast is the most important meal of the day; however, a lot of people make a mistake with it. It is important in order to give nutrients to the body for getting the energy needed for the whole day.

That is why the breakfast should always include vitamins and proteins, and if you have the necessary ingredients it won’t take you a lot of time to prepare it.

Your healthy breakfast should be consisted of: almonds, oatmeal, avocado, blueberries, fresh cheese, grapefruit, toast and egg whites.  Below we have some suggestions for simple recipes in order to make the process of preparing your breakfast easier. Read them:

  1. Salty avocado and egg toast

First, you need to make the toasted slices of bread. Then take ¼ avocado and put it on the top of the toast. Include salt and pepper and a little olive oil on the top. Meanwhile, make one fried egg and include that on the top of the brad as well. And that’s it! You have a healthy breakfast with only 257 calories!

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  1. Sweet banana, ricotta and honey toast

For those that love sweet breakfast, we advise using some natural sweeteners like the honey of fruits. First, you need to toast the slices of bread (you can use bread with whole grains for example) and then include the stewed ricotta cheese on the bread. Then apply the banana slices and at the end, add a little honey on the top. Delicious!

  1. Tortillas with eggs and cheese

We are all familiar with the tortillas and we love them. For this meal, you need 2 fried eggs and 1 slice of cheese. Put the tortilla in a pan and on one half add the eggs and the cheese. You should fry it like this for only 30 seconds and then fold it and turn it around. This meal includes 284 calories.

  1. Fruit and seeds yogurt

This breakfast is the easiest. You need a yogurt from 2 dl. Take 1 tsp of vanilla extract and include it inside. After this put the fruit you want (you can also use dried fruit). Mix well and then add a tsp of flax seeds. You can also add berry fruit if you like. This meal will make you fresh due to the vitamin C it includes.

Weight loss breakfast recipes.

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