Walking or Running? What is Better for Weight Loss?

A lot of people don’t know that actually, for those being overweighed and not in great shape, fast walking is more efficient than running.

The walking and running are the simplest exercises because you can do them anytime, and these kinds of cardiovascular exercising are good for our health in general.

Why is fast walking better than running:

-More calories and fat are burned

The aerobic training is considered not to exceed 120 beats per minute. It last longer period with the same intensity in order to burn the deposits of fat.

So, our heart is supplying the muscles with oxygen through the circulation of blood. If our heartbeats exceed 120 per minute, our body goes to anaerobic work, which means that due to the effort our heart is unable to give the muscles enough blood with oxygen, so the muscle seeks for other food and start eating themselves.

So, people that are not in shape will get in this anaerobic state really fast and then their body will start to burn muscles instead of the fat.

While the walking is lighter for beginners and for people being overweighed and this will cause fat to be burned because the heart can do its job.

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-Fast walking is lowering the stress!

For those people that do not have exercising routines, the walking itself is a great effort. When doing a great effort our body releases cortisol, which represents a stress hormone, also connected with the cravings for food.

If you run you will burn several hundred calories; however you will also feel hungry and probably will bring back the calories after that.

On the other hand, by walking you will have a lower level of cortisol, and a higher level of serotonin. Also, for better energy and mood, your body will produce adrenaline and dopamine. These are all lowering the cravings for food.

-You won’t damage your bones and joints!

There is a risk of damaging the joins and bones for people that are overweighed and not physically active because by running you make a lot of pressure on the knee, joints and groin.

However, walking is more passive and natural for our body, so that is why this is a better option for those who are not in real shape, with health problems or the elderly. The risk here is really low because the pressure is really smaller.

So, don’t wait and start walking as much as you can. It is recommended to do it for at least half an hour every day!

Walking or running for weight loss.

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