Things Your Eyes Can Tell You About Your Health

The eyes are essential to us because they are guiding us around the world. However, did you know that you can tell some things about your health through the eyes? So, take a look at these symptoms, if you have some, then your eyes are trying to say something to you.

1.White spots

If you are wearing contact lenses and notice several white spots on the cornea, then that may mean an infection, i.e. damage on the cornea because of the foreign object. This condition is really common and it usually comes with pain and inflammation. That is why you should visit your doctor.

2.A twitch

If your eyes are twitching all the time and nothing helps for this to stop then that means that you have too much stress. Take a time to relax, read a book and sleep enough.

3.Blurry vision

Usually, this means poor vision, however, if the condition is consistent then this may mean that you have diabetes. According to one research in American Association of Clinical Endocrinologists, 73% of the people diagnosed with diabetes reported having blurred vision. However, the blurred vision may also mean cataracts or macular degeneration.

4.A white ring

Especially in the older people, a white ring may appear around the iris which may mean high cholesterol or triglycerides. This can be dangerous, so go to the doctor.

5.Dry eyes

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If your eyes are dry all the time this may be the dry eye syndrome, meaning you don’t have the necessary amount of lubricant and moisture. You can have some drops prescribed for this. Furthermore, this can be a sign of having allergies.

6.Yellow patch

This indicated spending a lot of time on the sun. It is usually known as pinguecula. Go to the doctor for instruction and use sunglasses with high UV protection.

7. Yellow color all over

If the whites turn yellow then that is an indication of jaundice or a condition when the liver cannot filter the cells and the yellow compound bilirubin builds up. Your skin may also have a yellow tint. Go to the doctor because this may mean a liver infection.

8.Teary eyes

This condition may happen due to constant starring at the monitors, your phone or computer for example. Take a little rest.

9.Blood red eyes

This condition is common for people that are straining their eyes. This may also appear from coughing a lot, when you have a flu, or if you are staying late at night.

10.Eye floaters

This condition is when you see little specs from nowhere like moving around. This is not scary at all, however, if it is happening all of the time it may mean retinal tear or detachment.


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