Try This Banana Diet Plan And Lose 7 Pounds In 7 Days

We are sure that you have heard that if you are trying to lose weight you should avoid the bananas because they include a lot of sugars. So, many people believe that the bananas can actually make them fat.

It is true that the bananas have a high content of sugar, however, that can make you fat only if you combine them with fats of you do not pay attention to the calories intake. It is possible to eat a lot of fruit including the bananas and still stay in shape if you do the things properly.

The trick is not to consume a lot of fatty foods, so that means if you control the intake of fat you can enjoy this delicious fruit without having to worry about your weight. And actually this fruit comes with its advantages- you will have a better digestion, you will get rid of the toxins and have a glowing skin as well.

The advantages of the bananas

The bananas include vitamins B, potassium and magnesium and are really low in cholesterol. They are beneficial for our bones and heart, our kidneys and nervous system and can boost our immunity and mood as well.

The bananas are helpful for the production of serotonin which is also called the -happiness hormone- so that is why you should try this banana diet.

Your body is resisting the food if you hate what you eat, however, if you feel happy about your meal and enjoy it then you will feel energized and the fat will melt.

This diet is really easy and it can help you to lose around 7 pounds for only 7 days!

3-day banana diet plan

During these 3-4 days, you should eat 3-5 bananas every day in combination with 3-4 cups of low-fat milk. You can also try to use almond milk or yogurt if you don’t like low-fat milk. You can make a smoothie from them or eat them separately.

You can also try and freeze the bananas several hours prior to blending them with the milk, and you will have a kind of ice cream, especially if it is during the summer period.  This banana diet is really helpful so don’t wait and try it!

7-day banana diet plan

This diet lasts a little longer however it is really helpful for cleaning your body and losing some weight. The things necessary are bananas, two eggs and green tea.

Every day you are allowed to drink as much green tea as you like and no more than 3 pounds of banana. The eggs are for balancing the protein, however, only 2 are allowed during the 7 days of diet regime.

So, when you finish this diet it is recommended to return to your eating habits but gradually in order to avoid the yo-yo effect. You should stay away from fat foods, alcohol and sugar intake. It is recommended to consume a lot of fruits and vegetables, especially at the start and then slowly add to your meals.


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