Home Test For Heart Health

All of us want to know that their heart is in good condition. So, did you know that there is one simple trick to discover that? Read this article and we will show you how to do that. To be simple and clear, the technique is in the touching of your toes.

If you are flexible enough and manage to touch your toes then that means that your heart is healthy.

This technique can be done at your home, so follow these 3 very easy steps:

1.First, you need to sit down on the floor. You can use a mat if you want to be more comfortable.

2.After this, stretch your legs in front of you with your toes pointing up.

3.At the end, try to touch your toes in front of you with your hands.

If you manage to touch your toes like this then your heart is really flexible and healthy. However, if you cannot touch your toes then you are not in a fit condition. In this situation, you can go to the doctors and have a checkup.

According to a medical research, people that have inflexible bodies and are over 40 years old, also have inflexible arteries, so that means that their blood vessels are stiff and they have a bigger risk for heart diseases.

These people that were not able to reach their toes with their hands have the probability to have a heart in less good condition with increased risk for facing with some heart problems.

Source: www.apost.com

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