Beware Of Plastic Rice: How To Identify Plastic Rice At Home

The topic of this article is how to know if the rise is fake. A lot of people are fighting this problem. Usually, the most of the fake rise, or a rise made of plastic, comes from China.

This problem is also present in other countries such as Indonesia, Singapore, Srilanka etc. It can be really tricky and difficult to recognize if the rise is plastic and fake. However, this kind is not good for us because it may cause us some health problems.

That is why it is useful for you to know that is it easier to discover whether the rise is plastic when it is boiled, rather than when it is raw.

We all should be aware that the plastic is produced with a lot of chemicals like for example synthetic or semi-synthetic organics. These chemicals are really bad and harmful for our organism and we should definitely not consume the rise of this kind because ones it goes inside our organism we cannot do anything to solve this.

Unfortunately, this problem is becoming bigger and bigger especially in India. That is why it is really important to know how to make the difference between fake and good rise. I will tell you the trick that you can do even at your home and you do not have to use any chemicals at all.

Read below how to identify plastic rice

-All you have to do is take one glass of water and then add some rise in it. Then stir a little bit. You will see that the good rise will stay at the bottom, while the fake one will float on the top because it is mixed with plastic.

-Another trick is to take the rise and start burning it using matchbox. If the rise is made with plastic you will feel the smell of it.

-You can also see if the rise is fake after you boil it. Take some boiled rise and then put it in a bottle. Leave the bottle like that for 2-3 days. If the rise includes plastic it will not get any fungus because the plastic remains the same at any temperature.

-Another trick to discover the fake rise is to take some really warm oil and then add inside some rise. The oil temperature should be around 200 c degrees so the fake rise is the one that will remain at the bottom.

-You can also see if the rise is fake in the process of boiling. Take a look when the rise is boiling and if there is plastic one it will form a thick layer at the top.

All of these tricks are really simple and can be done at your home and are very helpful for discovering whether the rise you are eating is healthy of fake. Be careful about this matter because it can really cause you some problems with your health.

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