Here’s Exactly What I Ate to Lose 50 Pounds

A lot of us have been in the situation of trying to lose some weight by workout and having specific diets but with no success. If you have given your best but without having any results, then you should know that it is not your blame because we are all different and you just need to discover what will work for your body.

Read about the situation of these 5 women and their diet regime:

One 44 years old woman called Jodi Friedman who lost 70 pounds, was fighting with her weight and had some health problems. Then he tried the low-carb, high-protein diet. This is her regime:

  • one protein bar with 20 grams or more protein, together with a banana when working out for breakfast
  • tuna salad together with a salad with tomatoes, mixed greens and balsamic vinegar for lunch
  • slices of cucumber with one tbsp. of hummus were her snack
  • crockpot chicken or salmon with avocado or spinach on the side for dinner
  • a cup of kid-sized frozen yogurt represented her dessert at the end.

According to Jennifer Finney, a 41 years old woman, who was warned from her husband’s doctor to change the diet and then lowered 80 pounds, it is important to have someone to help you in this process. She had a plant-based diet:

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  • she consumed rolled oats with pure maple syrup, peanut butter and almond milk for breakfast
  • then green smoothie with frozen fruit and spinach after working out
  • Kale salad with rice vinegar and hummus, topped with fresh red peppers, cucumbers and lentils or chickpeas as lunch
  • peanut butter spread on some apples as a snack in the afternoon
  • a dish that is inspired by Pad-Thai with spaghetti squash rather than pasta as her dinner
  • and one piece of fruit at the end of the night

Petrina Hamm, a 43 years old woman, with a balanced diet, managed to lower 100 pounds:

  • she had a healthy“cheese Danish” (prepared by combining sweetener, cream cheese and eggs with a sprinkle of cinnamon) with sausage or bacon at breakfast
  • she consumed a salad with diced chicken, bacon bits and full-fat blue cheese dressing for lunch
  • steak with butter and steamed broccoli was her dinner
  • and a cup of sugar-free peanut butter that is homemade came as a dessert

Whitney Herrington, at the age of 30 lost 65 pound due to this low-carb and high-fat diet:

  • she had only a fruit smoothie with one scoop of protein and some kale or spinach for breakfast
  • a granola bar low in sugar as a snack after that
  • jerk chicken with some homemade cauliflower rice for lunch
  • then baked chicken with brown rice and broccoli as dinner
  • and at the end a quarter cup of unroasted and unsalted cashews or peanuts.

Anne Jongleux was struggling with her weight until she tried this diet that is in paleo style and lost 80 pounds.

  • She consumed two dates or a banana covered in coconut and coffee before working out
  • then 2 poached eggs, a fruit bowl and coffee after working out
  • one apple with some celery sticks and 2 tbsps. of almond butter was her lunch
  • a carrot and a bok choy stalk as a snack
  • the dinner was a tweaked cobb salad (a side of vinegar, oil and turkey rather bacon or ham; no croutons or cheese).
  • pickles or slices of cucumber came as a snack after that.


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