Amish Canning Tips That Are Very Useful

There are a lot of people that are astonished by the tricks and tips that come from the Amish. So, that is why below you can read some of them regarding the canning.

Upon request from the readers, we decided to collect some of their tips and present them to you. However there are many out there, so look for more if necessary, they are really beneficial for sure.

1. When you want to make jelly for canning, you do not have to extract the juice from the fruit first and then make your jelly. There is an easier way; you can buy the fruit juice you desire and then start to make the jelly right away.

2.When you are preparing the jars for pickled dilly beans be careful to set then standing straight. You can cut them in half or trim beans if necessary in order to set them properly. This will enable you to fit the beans in the jar really easy and then shake them easily when you will want to use them.

3. You do not have to peel the nectarines for preparing the canning. However, you can use an acid solution to avoid the darkening.

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4. When you are preparing the Sauerkraut for canning remember to use only 5 pounds cabbage at a time. This is more manageable for you and for the whole process as well. The Sauerkraut represents fermented cabbage cut finely. For the best quality, it is suggested to use cabbage 2 days after harvesting and with a firm head.

5. It is important to use acidifier when you are canning tomatoes always. You can use acid in the form of lemon juice, vinegar or citric acid. You should include the acidifier in every jar before you fill it and furthermore include some sugar to dilute the taste of the acid.

6. If you would like to easily remove the skin of the tomatoes in order to prepare them for canning then you should put them in boiling water but only for short time, around half a minute to minute. In order to cool them off right away dip them in cold water immediately after you dip them in the boiling one. Then their skin can be taken off easily.

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