What Your Urine Says About Your Health

Although this may sound strange to you, our urine can say a lot about our diet and our health as well. It is all in the color of the urine.

Usually, if the person is healthy, it should be yellow, almost clear to bright yellow. The urine is yellow due to the pigment urobilins. If our urine is diluted with water, meaning that you are well hydrated, it can have a light color. So, if your urine is dark yellow, start drinking more water.

-A cloudy urine

This may mean that you have phosphate in the urine that can cause kidney stones. Also, this may mean an infection. So, if the situation remains like this or it gets worse, go to a doctor.

-Blue-green urine

This may mean that you are changing vitamins or medications, however, if this is not the case, then go to a doctor.

-Fluorescent yellow or orange urine

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This may happen due to some medications or a food that is orange such as carrots, beets or a lot of vitamin C. However, if you haven’t taken any of these, go to a checkup.

-Brown urine

This may happen due to medications, beans or rhubarb. However, it may also be caused by some liver problems, so visit a doctor.

-Smelly urine

The urine has its own smell, but you will notice for sure if there is this smell we talk about. The coffee and asparagus can be the reason for that, however if not, visit your doctor.

-Pink or red urine

This can happen due to medications or consummation of some reddish food. However, it may mean that there is blood in your urine which usually happens because of an infection. Go to your doctor then.

As you can see, the color of the urine is important. So, drink a lot of water and pay attention!

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