Pros and Cons of the Keto Diet Plan

Probably you have heard about the Keto Diet because it is becoming really popular nowadays especially among the celebrities like Kylie Jenner and J.Lo. It sounds really good, however, does it have a good or bad effect? Keep reading below.

What is the Ketogenic Diet?

This diet is ultra low in carbs and the dietary intake is around 5-10% only. Unlike the other diets, it is also very low in protein with having only 20-25% calories from it. The most of the energy 70-75% is coming from fat.

This makes the body go in a ketosis state. This means that the molecules known as ketones build up in the bloodstream. The low level of carbohydrates makes the sugar level in the blood drop which means that the body will start to use the fat in order to have energy and not the carbs.


Losing weight quickly

This is encouraging because people like to see the results quickly. So this makes them keep going with this diet.

Low appetite

Because the fat in the body is increased, this diet makes the people feel satiated and not craving for snacks.

A lot of energy

The energy is steady, so people say that they feel more powerful regarding their endurance in athletic.

Bigger burning of fat

The body is not using the carbohydrates to get energy, instead, it burns the fat.

Clearer mind

People that follow this diet say they can focus better and have better concentration.

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Lower risk for heart issues

According to the studies, because of the low intake of protein, the risk for some heart issue is lower in adults under 65years. It is also said that it is prolonging the life.

Reduced epileptic seizures

According to the studies, this diet has a positive effect on children and adults suffering from epileptic children.


The period for adaptation

The period for adaptation is really hard because it is low in carb. People may feel headaches, symptoms of flu, craving for sugar and cramps in the muscles.

It is really restrictive

There are many things that are not allowed for consummation. There are very little vegetables and proteins, while there are not any vitamins, minerals and micronutrients.

You have to respect the regime

You have to follow the instruction very strictly and not change anything, which makes it really hard.

It is very high in fat

Although above it is said how this is beneficial, according to some researches this is connected to a bigger risk for coronary issues.

A bigger risk for digestive issues

Because the fiber intake is very low you may experience constipation.

Muscle loss

Some people say that if you follow it for a long time you may experience muscle loss.

Not all athletic endurance is increased.

People who are playing basketball or soccer say that they do not have the necessary energy they need with this diet.

If you are interested in this keto diet plan you can try this 7-day ketogenic diet plan.


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