How to Work When You’re Depressed

I heard the alarm clock so I turned it off. I was just lying in my bed staring around feeling meaningless. I wanted to just sleep forever. That was the only thing that seemed nice to me. But that was not me. I am a working person and I love what I do. Why is this happening?! I just stared and felt lost.

It is really difficult to deal with depression. People from my town are used to deal with the things, not let them overtake you. However, in this case, that means only ignoring the problem, making the situation even worse.

Depression is still a taboo subject for many people and it is really difficult for someone to admit it. So that is why below I decided to talk about my own experience that helped me deal with it and like myself again.

1. Turn your focus on small tasks

Take small steps. I divided my projects into small tasks and I focused on doing one by one. If I do this, only this, I will figure out the rest another time, I told myself. And it really worked. In this way, your brain won’t think that the task is impossible for you.

2. The Pomodoro method

This is very helpful and kept me focused, getting me through the day. It works in this way:

-First, you set your timer for 25min. You work during that time without a break. This is the Pomodoro. When the time passes, set the timer for 5 min and during this time make a break. Do this for 3 more times. When you finish, make a break for 25min.

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3. Do the thing that makes you uncomfortable

This means that you have to acknowledge your problem. It is not good at all to ignore something and just pretend that it does not exist. It will knock you down.

That is why the self-care is really important. You can take some days off your job or maybe sick days. If your boss is an understanding person, maybe you can share your problem; however, this also depends on your position and industry. If you acknowledge it, you can find a way to fight with it.

4. Know what is triggering you

My work suffered a lot because first I wasn’t admitting this, and then I didn’t know what is triggering it. Now I know. It is almost always my period. During those days I do not want to do anything except just lie in my bed and stare.

So, knowing this, I made plans and organized my work, having most of the things done the week before my period when I had motivation.

It is also helpful when you have support from your friends and family. I am lucky enough to have that. I have to point out that you have to know when to ask for help, whether private or professional.

This is not an easy thing to discuss, neither to deal with it. The thing that helped me most is acknowledging it and not pretending that everything is ok.

Have any of you experienced this? Have you found out what suits you in order to deal with it? I hope that my experience and my strategies will be helpful for someone out there.


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