Never Marry A Guy Who Has These Habits

It is important to choose wisely when it comes to choosing the person that you are going to spend your life with. That is why you should be careful about these habits, especially because all of us are blinded when in love.

1. He does not trust you

If he is checking your phone and does not let you hang out with other guys, remember, this will get worse with time. Why is he doing this? Maybe because of his past, or he is not loyal.

2. He doesn’t like animals

There are people like this, and you should avoid them because that is a sign of not having empathy and kindness. These people are not good fathers as well.

3. He doesn’t respect the agreements

All couples have their own agreements no matter if they are for cooking, plans for the weekend, grocery and other things. If he does not respect this, he will disappoint you all the time.

4.Breaking the promises

If he is doing this all of the time then maybe he doesn’t care about you that much.

5. You are on the second place always

Don’t waste your time. A successful relationship is when both of you are caring and making an effort.

6.Too much of confidence

If he thinks that he is perfect and everything he does is right and good, then stay away. If he cannot see the mistakes and you are the one that always takes the blame for everything, then he will not change and you are the one that will have to adjust all of the time.

7. He finds excuses for everything

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Sometimes things are not going according to the plan, however, if this is happening all of the time and there are always excuses, find a man that will appreciate you.

8.Goes back to old fights

It is not good to keep going back to the old things. Some things are better to stay in the past because they bring a lot of negativity.

9. Not wanting to talk

It is good to talk to solve a conflict between each other. If he does not do that, then things will remain unsolved.

10. He is lying

If he has lied to you or cheated you, then there is a probability he will do that again. How can you be sure? This will make you crazy.

11.Too clingy

It is obsessive when someone wants to be with you all of the time and cannot do anything without you. It is important to have your own ambitions and be independent enough.

12. He doesn’t like his family

Parents are an important part of us because they raised us and did a lot of things for us. If he doesn’t appreciate this then he is an idiot. Someday, he may do the same to you as well.

13. He is smoking

The smoking is an addiction. If he cannot quit, then, maybe he will not be able to quit another addiction with time. Smoking is dangerous for you and for your family.

14. He is immature

It is important to take a responsibility and not blame the others for everything. It is not good if your man is too stubborn and impatient.

15. He is abusive

This is the worst! Don’t allow your man to hit you never! Walk away! If he does this once, he will do it again, no matter how sorry he is. The same goes if he is emotionally abusive as well, so leave while you can.


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